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I offer a wide range of art commission options, from cartoony to realistic.


Great care is taken so that the subjects portrayed show their personality,

details, and correct colors. Each piece has completely original poses and

expressions. The images you provide will not be traced or copied

(unless you specifically request it), so you will receive completely unique art!

Once the final piece is completed, it will be emailed to you in both high-resolution .jpeg and .png file.

​If you would like to place an order, please fill out a form!

Any Subject!!
I specialize in canines but you
can ask for 
any species or
of animal (or human!)
in your commission


2010 - present

incredibull trick dogs
sport dog duo
girl with the corgi tattoo
speckled allie
sunny and aria

Headshot Icon

$50 per subject

(+$40 additional subject)


Perfect for instagram, facebook,or other social media! Plain color background is default, but a simple background can be added and is included in price.


$55 per dog


Cartoony and fun!

Includes flat-color and optional shading. Subjects can be in separate files and/or together in the same piece.

bitey dogs
horse chibi

2010 - present

border collie1
sled dogs
jaxson and sadie

Flat Colored

$60 Fullbody

$50 Bust

(+$50 per extra dog)


A style with lines and flat coloring, like that of cell animation and cartoons.

Can be either cartoony or more anatomically realistic.Shading is optional. 

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