About me

My name is Danny Gonzalez, I am an illustrator and prospective animator!

I grew up in Mexico, where I was surrounded by nature and animals.

I have two dogs - Zorro, a 12 year old mutt who lives with my parents in San Diego, and Solo, a 2 year old Xoloitzcuintli who is a prospective agility and trick-training pup.

I've been observing and sketching since I could grasp a pencil, and huge inspirations have been the early animated Disney and Dreamworks films.

It was these movies that sparked my interest in creating my own characters and worlds.


I grew up knowing this is what I wanted to do professionally. However,

in high school, I felt discouraged about my art and decided to pursue my college education as an Animal Science major at UC Davis instead of doing anything with art.


Eventually, I decided to follow my original goal and changed my major to Illustration, which is what I am doing now.

As an Illustrator, my goal is to produce art that inspires creativity and emotion. Most of my current work is pet portraits, but I have current projects in development including graphic novels, educational videos,

and more- so stay tuned!

When I lived in San Diego I was a dog conformation handler of Norwegian Elkhounds. I feel my art and handling work very closely because both experiences have a lot to do with observation and patience. Spending my time with dogs is also very calming and it allows me to meet new, wonderful people and gives me opportunities to meet a draw different shapes and sizes of dogs.


I moved to Boston, MA, where I worked at the Museum of Fine Arts for almost two years. 


I've since moved to the Bay Area, where I work as a professional dog trainer for Tailored Dog Training. I continue to work on my art as a hobby. 


I'm very excited for what the future has in store and how I will continue to improve!


© 2019 by Danny Gonzalez/mexicanine