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Danny Gonzalez



I offer a wide range of commission options, from cartoony to realistic. Please view my “gallery” for more examples of my work.

General Information

All of my portraits are done digitally. Great care and detail is taken so that the dogs portrayed show their personality and correct markings. Each piece has completely original poses and expressions. The images you provide will not be completely traced or copied, and you will receive totally unique art!


If you are interested in commissioning me, please email me at: 

with high-quality images of your dog(s) and the type of drawing you would like. You are more than welcome to give me descriptions of your dog’s personality to give me a better idea of how to draw them. 

Any Animal!!

I specialize in canines

but you can ask for any

species or variety of animal in your commission!


2010 - present

2010 - present

Full payment is required before the portrait is completed.


I use Paypal for payments. Payment should be sent to

If you have any questions about how paypal works, don’t hesitate to ask.


Once the piece is completed, it will be emailed to you in high quality, and I can change any details (like the background, etc.)


Below are my prices and examples:

Headshot Icon

$30 for one dog

(+$20 per extra dog)

Perfect for instagram, facebook,

or other social media!


$30 per dog

Cartoony and fun!

Includes flat-color and shading. 

Flat Colored

$45 Fullbody

$30 Bust

(+$25 per extra dog)

A style with lines and flat coloring, like that of cell animation and cartoons. 

Can be either cartoony or more anatomically realistic.

Shading is optional. 


$60 Fullbody

$50 Bust

(+$30 per extra dog)

Uniquely textured, with fur and details. It's a mix of both cartoony and realistic with the best qualities of both. 

Realistic Bust


(+$40 per extra dog)

Varies from realistic to semi-realistic with a simple color background. 

Price depends on complexity of piece. 


Commercial Logo


Flat-color logo in either a cartoony or semi-realistic style.

Includes unlimited revisions and commercial rights to reprint and reproduce. 

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