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All of my pieces are drawn digitally with a high-res file sent to you via email,

but for $15 USD extra, I can have the piece printed out on high-quality paper,

signed, and securely shipped to you! (for USA orders only)

Great care is taken so that the subjects portrayed show their personality, details, and correct colors.

Each piece has completely original poses and expressions. The images you provide will not be traced

or copied (unless you specifically request it), so you will receive completely unique art!

If you are interested in commissioning me, please email me at:


  • high-quality images of your dog(s)

  • the type of drawing you would like

  • any exact requirements you would like included in the piece (jumping, looking a certain direction, etc.)


You are also more than welcome to give me descriptions of the subject’s personality to give me a better idea of how to draw them!

Payment is required upfront. A Paypal invoice will be sent to you after your commission order is received.

If your Paypal email is different from your commission email, please include it in your order email.

The sketch will then be sent to you for approval, after which you will get the linework stage, and the color stage (or the final shading stage, depending on commission type).

You may request changes during any of the steps, but after the linework is completed you cannot request major pose or expression changes. I can make these extra changes for a slight extra fee, however!

Once the final piece is completed, it will be emailed to you in both high-resolution .jpeg and/or .png file (depending on commission type).


Any Subject!!

I specialize in canines

but you can ask for

any species or variety

of animal (or human!)

in your commission


Non-Commercial Logo


Flat-color logo in either a cartoony

or semi-realistic style. 

Includes up to 5 subjects and an

optional background of choice.

Commercial Logo


Flat-color logo in either a cartoony

or semi-realistic style. 

Includes up to 5 subjects, an optional background of choice, and commercial

rights to reprint and reproduce. 

honey bun farm
west coast heeler pack
the super collies
southwest dog sports
norsk kooikerklubb

2010 - present

2010 - present

If you purchase a non-commercial logo and want to upgrade to the commercial logo, the cost of the artwork you already purchased will be subtracted from the commercial logo price.